Welcome to the homepage of the Genealogy Gangster Foundation. We are an organization that is dedicated to teaching genealogy to youth in an innovative way. Our name comes from the founder of the organization, Kenneth Green who blogs under the moniker of the Genealogy Gangster. Kenneth believes in teaching youth on their level. Helping them understand in their vernacular he is dedicated to ensuring the hobby and profession of genealogy continues with the next generation.

He plans on doing these in several ways.

  • A Mobile Computer Lab (6 Older but still good Laptops) that can be used for genealogical research. If you are interested in donating a laptop for this endeavor please contact ken@genealogygangster.us
  • Genealogist Day’s at High Schools – Teaching youth about the profession of genealogy and the prospects one can find in this career field.
  • Genealogy Research Seminars – That we wish to offer for no cost to youth to teach basic genealogical skills.
  • Genealogy Conferences – We wish to take a group of youth to such events as RootsTech and other major genealogical conventions to expose them to the industry and companies.

We Need You!

  • We need volunteers for our board of directors and people willing to take part in this endeavor. Please contact ken@genealogygangster.us for more details.
  • We need laptops! They do not need to be new. If you can donate a laptop to this effort please contact ken@genealogygangster.us to set up the donation.
  • We need folks to spread the word. Please spread this website and our gofundme campaign around the internet.