History for the Holidays Initiative

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History for the Holiday’s Initiative

By Kenneth Green – President

As I sat at my home this past week I wondered why it seemed that things for this foundation had stalled. I prayed to my heavenly father during this time for instruction, asking him what I needed to do to get things going once more. The answer was shocking to me. It was simply “Just do the work that the foundation was created to do, I will provide the resources you need.” This took me by surprise because we do have some of the things we need to do to get started.

Inspiration from God

God placed in my spirit the fact that I live in an apartment complex with many disabled persons or retirees who may or may not have contact with their families. These people are outside of the age range this non-profit was created to serve, however, God has directed me to teach them Genealogy as well. So I’m pleased to announce that this coming Monday we will commence our first class for these persons at the Tower at Speer. You’re more than welcome to join us!

We Need Help Still

This is not a free undertaking. It costs to print materials, purchase used laptops, etc If you can help please visit http://paypal.me/genealogygangster

We could also use volunteers for this undertaking. If you’re available to volunteer please contact ken@genealogygangsterfoundaton.org and state that you want to help out! We could use volunteers for classes or for our Board of Directors. Thank you so much and we hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!

Thanks for your support!

Kenneth Green

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