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March 3, 2017


Genealogy Gangster Announces First Workshop

Denver, CO, March 3, 2017– The Genealogy Gangster foundation is proud to announce our first introductory class to be held on the first Saturday of April hopefully at the Park Hill Library located at 4705 Montview Boulevard in Denver Colorado. Our classes are free to the public however, we will take any love offering that the community wants to offer for our time and effort. In our first class, we will teach introductory techniques where youth can research using family search and family tree websites.   We hope to have one basic class per month and one advanced class per month to start out with. Once we have more staff and more of a following from the youth in the community we will hold more classes more often.

“We hope to begin educating the next generation piquing interest from the youth in Genealogy.” – Kenneth Green, President

We hope to begin having these classes twice a month and develop a mobile computer lab that is composed of several computer labs allowing youth to eventually operate the computer labs themselves.  “Teaching the next generation to love genealogy!” – Kenneth Green

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Kenneth Green at 720.266.3229 or email at ken@genealogygangster.us.

We are really in need of computers (laptops specifically) for our mobile computer labs, We ask that they be minimum Windows 7 or OS X machines capable of connecting to the internet. If you have such a machine or if you would like to donate money to be used to purchase such a machine please contact the President, Kenneth Green at 720.266.3229 or at ken at genealogygangster dot us. We thank you for checking out this press release and pray God blessings upon you!


Download the Press Release Here

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